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Before marriage

Connecting happiness

With my marriage coming next month, my heart was happy. I can ignore the anxieties of my future life. Having had various experiences, I was so strong before I knew it.

It is a heart that accepts happiness obediently.


I went out to eat with my parents after a long time.

I felt loneliness in the kindness from my father.

My mother's expression was shining with a blessing.

A necklace that sways elegantly on her chest.

The stones that my mother has always liked shimmer quietly.

She said that it is a favorite jewelry that she got when she was single.

Protected by an important stone, the two met, and their happiness led to me.


I bought a necklace the next day.

The last single jewelry.

A promise with myself that is not a gift.

A form of gratitude and happiness in your heart.

My favorite stone gently sways there, softly shimmering.

My past self and my future self.

The jewelry keeps time.

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