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My first jewelry

The brilliance of memory

Memories of childhood.

Fashionable mother always wore jewelry when she went out.

Gentle sparkle and adult elegance.

It was also my pride for me walking next to my mother.


My childhood dreams changed shape over time, and as an adult I blended into real life.

Love ── Frustration ── Growth

Joy ── emptiness ── the passage of time

Get used to work and look at myself in the mirror in fulfilling days.

I wasn't unhappy. But I wasn't happy either.

Ambiguous me.


When I was young, I suddenly remembered it.

A faint memory that was purely filled.

Glitter of mother's jewelry.

dream. longing.

It's a promise to me when I was a kid.


I went on a solo trip to see something new, away from the familiar scenery.

Open my heart to the free air.

The fresh sky and sea seen from the train.

Drink coffee while listening to music.

By the side is an old novel.

And the jewelry I bought for the first time.

I was satisfied in a different wind.

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