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30 years old commemoration

Earrings and me

I called my mother on the night of my 30th birthday.

The gentle voice makes me a child as an adult.

Nostalgia for teens and memories of 20s that are reflected in my heart.

A landscape of joy and a dark era.

The experience made me grow and at the same time made me feel immature.

And in my thirties.

Just a change in numbers.

I pray for happiness in that number.


Decorate the room with roses and play music quietly.

The elegant scent and tone are mixed.

Touch the hole in the pierced earring that I opened when I was a student, and stroke the vivid memory that appeared in my consciousness.

Earrings I bought for the first time ── Days when I was dreaming sweet dreams.

Earrings given to me by his lover at the time ── "I like the way you wears jewelry." he said.

Earrings I asked for when I was having a hard time ── I have overcome myself.

That hole is one of my history.

And wear the newly bought earrings again.

For joy and happiness in the future.

The little chrysalis seeks to be a gorgeous butterfly.

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