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CASE 3: Broken heart

Next season

That love made me grow.

It's been a while since I thought so.

I knew that there was no color in the memories of the past, and it was myself who decided the color.

The fragility of the heart that is untied and unraveled. Its beauty.


The glare of the sun and the scent of early summer color your appearance.

The residual scent of tenderness and cruelty ...

I gently put away the necklace I received on my birthday.

As a piece of unchanging memories.


My weakness and strength that I learned from my broken heart.

The joy of blooming flowers and the sadness of falling.

Still, the seasons are flowing.

Look at myself in the mirror and breathe. A gentle smile made my heart happy.

Let's go buy jewelry to find the next love.

Imagine me with a gorgeous scent.

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