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Anniversary after marriage

Rose color

It's been a year since I got married.

The rose ring was bought for me to commemorate that.

Gentle love that blooms elegantly at my fingertips.

I remember the rose garden we went on a date when we first started.

An elegant scent and fresh feelings that rejuvenate my heart.


 "I want to go there after a long time"


The rose season has come to an end, but the nostalgic rose garden still has vibrant colors that softly welcome us as a couple.

Drink tea at the cafe while gazing at the view of the roses. Every time I held a tea cup, the ring invited me to look at me, and my heart fluttered.

While feeling the clear breeze, I stare at us so far and think about us in the future.

There was a gorgeous scent and pain in the thorns.

There is the joy of blooming and the loneliness of withering.

Still, beauty always exists.

Our happiness will continue to bloom, even though the colors are changing.

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