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Child independence

I'm from now on

The daughter got married and the son started working abroad.

Our couple have returned to living together again.

I am pleased with the growth of my child and at the same time I feel lonely in the quiet house.

I noticed that I had more time to remember the old days.

Listen to music when I was a student and read back the novels I read when I was single.

Look at myself in the past and envision myself in the future.


"Let's go on a trip," said my husband.

"It's nice," I smiled.

It had been years since we had traveled alone together.

Youthful feelings buzzed.


I bought a Bordeaux dress and a lily of the valley design brooch for my precious time.

I felt that the luster and purity gently blended into my chest.

The charm created by getting older. Feelings for a new dream.

Elegant posture and romantic heart.

I was there to enjoy fashion more than ever.

Next me. New self. The continuation of happiness.

I decided to enjoy my life more brilliantly.

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